How should I store shatter?

When stored improperly shatter can begin to break down and lose its initial snappy consistency, flavor, and potency. To prevent this degradation, it should always be stored in an airtight, lightproof container. Ideally, it should be stored in a cool room. To ensure the concentrate stays consistent for as long as possible, protect it from high temperatures, moisture, oxygen, ultraviolet light, and direct sunlight.

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Remember, heat is shatter’s worst enemy. It causes the cannabinoids to activate. That should happen only upon consumption, not while it’s resting in a container. Dispensaries, smoke shops, and many online stores offer concentrate storage accessories such as silicone containers, and most cannabis concentrates come in appropriate containers that may be reused.

If you like potent concentrates such as Shatter you are in the right spot. We provide shatter in quantities from a single gram up to 8 ounces. Thanks to our local BC producers, we are happy to offer to the most discerning smokers shatters at the best price on the market. Shop shatter online now!

Shatter is the solidified form of BHO Butane hash oil, which looks like a glassy amber. The level of THC can reach up to 90%, which makes Shatter one of the most powerful concentrates in the market.

We have Shatter made out of the most iconic Marijuana strains, such as Bruce Banner, Lemon Cake, Pineapple Express. If you have a favourite strain, you should try its Shatter version!

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