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Cookies Mintz

3.5g Heat Sealable Mylar Bag

Bag Size: 99mm x 125mm (w x h)

High Season MINTZ

This indica-dominant hybrid has a refreshing mint taste and a creamy finish. MINTZ is a beautifully dense nug, a visual treat covered in frosty trichomes.

Thin Mint, a hybrid cross containing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics, is a phenotype of the legendary GSC strain. Dark green and royal purple hues peek through a heavy coat of crystals, with a sweet minty smell that gives a full explanation of this strain’s name. Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation. The high psychoactivity of this strain is not for novice consumers, but patients with a variety of symptoms are giving Thin Mint their seal of approval: severe pain, nausea, swelling, insomnia, and appetite loss are no match for the potency of Thin Mint

Mint Cookie is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that goes by other aliases, such as Thin Mint Cookies or Thin Mint GSC.

This strain offers vivid, diverse colors. Deep purples and blue tones are strewn through its green flowers, alongside bright yellow and orange pistils that wind their way near the calyxes. The cured nuggets of Mint Cookie are round and chunky, emitting its delicious scent more so as its buds are broken apart.

THC percentages average in the high teens, though some batches have reaped in as high as 24%. Consumers that have reviewed this strain have said it produced a balance of physical and mental effects, relaxed their muscles and joints while improving their mood. Some enjoyed using it for social events, hanging out with friends, and attending live entertainment.

Others simply used Mint Cookie to stay at home to get creative with their hobbies. A few have mentioned that Mint Cookie increased their appetite.

If you’re searching for an award-winning strain, you’ll be delighted to hear Mint Cookie was a finisher in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup and has become quite popular on the west coast since. It’s the result of crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 23.17%
CBD: 0.05%
CBN: 0.027%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Beta Caryophyllene: 0.554%
Limonene: 0.349%
Alpha Humulene: 0.200%

The Thin Mint Cookies cannabis strain is a phenotype or lookalike of the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain. While not an exact hereditary replica of Girl Scouts, Thin Mint Cookies is similar in its observable characteristics. The strain became a hybrid when crossed with OG Kush and Durban Poison. An almost perfectly balanced hybrid, Thin Mint Cookies is 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica.

The buds of Thin Mint Cookies smell like mint, hence the name, and taste sweet. Purple and dark green, this strain has a dense coat of crystals. As a hybrid and a copy of a legendary strain, Thin Mint marshals the forces of Indica and Sativa to give a powerfully blended potency. Thin Mint Cookie aficionados describe the sensation as both mental and physical. The body may feel sleepy and hungry, while the mind stays active and creative.

This strain is for the medically needy as it treats the pain, nausea, and appetite loss often found in serious disorders. THC content is high but CBD levels are low, making it unsuitable to calm seizure sufferers. Choose it for the sleepy effect and the waves of pain relief.

At the point when you visit a marijuana dispensary unexpectedly, you will be overpowered by choices. Boss among them, the contrasts between maryjane bloom buds, which are largely partitioned into three primary classes: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Try not to be wigged out. In contrast to drinking liquor/beer, where there is one mental endpoint being flushed, various sorts of cannabis can bring about tremendously various impacts. Understanding what kind of cannabis you are burning-through can assist you with accomplishing the sort of effect you should feel.

Hybrid cannabis strains will be strains like kush mints, platinum kushBlue Dream, Jilly Bean, Dutch Treat, and Banana Kush. They are blend (a half and half) of the other two primary classes of cannabis — “indica” and “sativa”. Crossovers regularly give a more adjusted mix of indica and sativa’s belongings. The names “hybrid”, “indica”, and “sativa” are important for the society scientific classification of cannabis, and they originate before present day substance evaluation of the plant. The terms are frequently not the entire picture, but rather keep on being helpful both to reproducers, producers and purchasers of weed.

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About this Hybrid Strain

At the point when cannabis enthusiasts consider Seed Junky Genetics, exemplary and adored strains like Gelato, Wedding Cake, and Animal Cookies definitely ring a bell. One of their more current manifestations, Kush Mints Hybrid Strain is headed to that incredible status. This powerful crossover tests over 25% THC by and large and comes from intersection of Animal Mints with Bubba Kush.

The Kush Mints buds have woodland green leaves, covered up under a mass of gold-trichomes, with orange pistils dissipated all through. The trichomes loan fluffy stripes of golden to the buds’ lime-green appearance. The kief content is high in this strain, so utilizing a plate when taking care of the buds is suggested.

Kush Mints has a pine smell, with traces of fiery, lemon-citrus, and new spearmint. The mint flavor is like mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt, and flaunts a fiery, kush trailing sensation.

The high has been depicted by some as clear and euphoric. One client depicted it as liquefying into the progression of the universe, with the sensation of being guided by instinct. Despite the fact that clients give rave audits of the opiate like body buzz, suggesting it for those with constant torment and joint inflammation, energy supposedly goes ahead solid and stays consistent. These steady energy levels settle on Kush Mints a phenomenal daytime decision among Indica sweethearts that need to continue moving, as indicated by certain analysts’ suggestions. Incitement of craving, help from cramps/fits, and perking up are only a portion of the advantages being accounted for by clients from Kush Mints.

Kush Mints hybrid strain is a superb and ground-breaking crossover that preferences incredible and fans state it won’t leave you miserably love seat bolted.



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